Assisting companies in defining and delivering on their Environmental, Social and Governance commitments

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between investors’ expectations and corporate strategies and disclosures. 

We assist corporate clients, regardless of their size or stage of development, in designing Environmental, Social and Governance frameworks to capture the culture of an organization and illustrate alignment of all stakeholders’ interests.  

IVA supports boards and management teams with prioritization of ESG factors based on company materiality, as well as assists with strategies for integration, reporting and communication. 

Ani Markova, MBA, CFA, CDI.D

Founder and CEO

Ani Markova has spent more than 25 years as a fundamental analyst, an award-winning institutional investor and Senior Executive.

Throughout her investment career, she integrated Environmental, Social and Governance factors in her investment decision-making, supplementing her top-down asset allocation and bottom-up stock selection process.

She is also a Corporate Director sitting on Audit, Governance, Compensation and Sustainability Committees. She continues to be an advocate for ESG material factor disclosures for assessing and managing corporate risks and opportunities. She has delivered multiple speaking engagements on the topic.


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